Our solutions will support you in following key areas:


Leading culturally diverse team


Working effectively in multicultural teams and benefiting from diversity


Communicating effectively
across cultures


Serving international guests

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Tools Culturally Smart uses include but are not limited to:

CQ Assessment and feedback

Assessment of your CQ level is the most effective start for any further development. That way you can identify your key areas you will start working on instead of focusing on competencies which may be already your strengths. CQ assessment is followed by a detailed feedback enabling you to understand your CQ results.

Consulting and training

We will help you understand and identify your developmental needs and offer bespoke solutions to address it. Solutions cover a variety of topics from cultural intelligence awareness, through general competencies helpful to function in cross-cultural situations, up to more specific skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and customer service.

Cross-cultural experiential learning and simulations

Solutions we offer are very practical, and will equip you with specific knowledge and moreover skills you can immediately apply in cross-cultural situations. We do it by using experiential approach and simulations which accelerate your learning significantly. 

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E-learning tools are an integral part of our offer. They can either serve as an introduction to cross-cultural topics, follow-up tools or a reinforcement and refresher of skills learnt in training. 

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1-2-1 Coaching

Individual needs call for individual approaches. Cross-cultural coaching will help you to prepare for an international assignment, solve any difficulties caused by cultural differences or achieve higher results when working in various cultural context. Coaching sessions focus on individual goals.

We customise our solutions
to meet your needs.

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