We live in an amazing world, a world full of opportunities and adventures. It is a world of shifting powers, faster and easier access to information, and borderless communication. Functioning in such a world is exciting but also challenging. Skills and knowledge we have been relying on is a great base, but may not suffice these days. Traditional approaches to increasing intercultural competencies do not teach us how to deal with diversity that surrounds us. We appreciate diversity, but we don’t know how to benefit from it. Today’s world desperately wants us to improve our cross-cultural effectiveness.

Culturally Smart provides effective solutions for:

Understanding cultural differences

Communicating effectively across cultures

Overcoming challenges caused
by differing cultural values

And most of all – maximising global potential of individuals and organizations

Benefits for individuals:

  • Intercultural adaptation
  • Judgement and decision making
  • Improved work performance
  • Higher work satisfaction
  • Successful international assignments


Benefits for organizations:

  • Effective leadership
  • Improved team performance
  • Better customer service
  • Higher employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Higher productivity and cost saving



  • Global leadership development programs;
  • Recruiting, hiring, promotion;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Project team management;
  • Diversity and inclusion programs;
  • Global relocation;
  • Customer service and marketing.



Our solutions will support you in following key areas:

 Leading culturally diverse teams


 Communicating effectively across cultures


 Working effectively in multicultural teams and benefiting from diversity 

Serving international guests



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