About us

Gosia Kluk is the founder of Culturally Smart. Gosia has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and post-graduate studies in Organizational Development. She is a CQ certified facilitator and coach, NLP Practitioner and Predictive Index certified analyst. Access to such a wide variety of tools enables her to design and deliver the most comprehensive and effective solutions.

Gosia has been working in the corporate learning and development field for 12 years, training and coaching people from over 60 countries at all organizational levels. Gosia has lived on 3 different continents, and 5 countries. Such experience enables her to build a strong network of intercultural specialists around the world.  

Gosia is also a dive master. In her spare time she reads a lot, runs half-marathons, and cooks very healthy food.

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Culturally smart has established a strong network with learning and development specialists, interculturalists, and higher education support organizations, in order to combine international efforts, share best practises, develop bespoke solutions and support our clients in the best possible way.

Cultural Intelligence Center – US
Cultural Intelligence Center is a growing, innovative research institute that is changing the way individuals and organizations are approaching diversity and global engagement. CQ Center is headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan, but their team works across the globe.

Member of Society for Intercultural 
Education, Training and Research - UK

Leading international organization in the field of cross-cultural support whose main purpose is to build a strong network of intercultural practitioners through professional development, networking events, and conferences. 

ITD World – Philippines
ITD World Philippines is part of a leading Asian global talent and leadership development expert that delivers training, action learning, coaching, mentoring, consulting, competency certification and seminars, founded in 1984, headquartered in Penang, Malaysia.

HR Fabula – Japan
HR Fabula provides consultancy and strategy support for businesses, organization and HR, globalization support, and expansion into Asia’s emerging markets. HR Fabula is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan

HEMC – Germany
HEMC gathers together an international group of creative professionals and visionary educators who provide cross-cultural and innovative digital communication strategies between organizations, universities and young talented people.